An rss email notification service

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Stay up-to-date with all the RSS feeds you love.

This is a free service

Features #

  • Receive email digests for your RSS feeds
  • We try to render all content within the feed as HTML (with ability to disable it)
  • Create 1-to-many email digests
  • Set digest interval from 10min to 30day

Subscribe to feeds #

Use our plain text lists spec to create a txt file named daily.txt (as an example).

Then add your email, the digest interval, and the rss feeds for which you want to receive email notifications.

=: email
=: digest_interval 1day

Then copy the file to our server

1rsync daily.txt

Privacy #

We don't do anything with your email besides send an email digest. If you delete the post containing your email address, we no longer have you email address.

However, you should read our privacy policy and terms of service.

Posts are also not accessible by the public and we provide no endpoints to view these posts.

Digest interval options #


Inline content #

By default we attempt to render all content within a feed as HTML inside an email digest. Sometimes users just want us to send them the links so they can click on it and read the content on the original website.

If you don't want to see all the content, simply add a variable to your post:

=: inline_content false

Can I create multiple email digests? #

You are free to upload as many email digests as you like, referencing different rss feeds, emails, and digest intervals.

Can I fetch Reddit RSS feeds? #

Yes, but you need to use the RSS links from The new reddit doesn't appear to work properly.

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