user interfaces at pico

We have two user interfaces: SSH TUI and a Web UI.


With this TUI you can perform a few basic operations like: create an account, manage pubkeys, manage API tokens.

To use the TUI just SSH into our site:

1ssh pico.sh

# Web UI

This is an experimental web-based UI leveraging web tunnels.

To use the web UI, create an SSH local forward connection to our pgs site:

1ssh -L 1337:localhost:80 -N pico-ui@pgs.sh

Then open your browser and navigate to localhost:1337.

# SSH Config

The SSH tunnel command can be quite a lot to remember if you aren't using it consistently everyday. Instead, you can setup an SSH config entry to do all the work for you, here is an example config entry inside ~/.ssh/config:

Host ui
    User pico-ui
    Hostname pgs.sh
    LocalForward localhost:80
    SessionType none
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