Getting started

How to use pico services

All of our managed services are connected by our main SSH service. So in order to be granted access you will need to create an account.

Create your account with Public-Key Cryptography #

We don't need your email address, all we need is an SSH keypair. So before you begin, please make sure you have a valid SSH keypair or generate one.

To get started, simply use SSH:


Getting an error? Read our FAQ, why can't I login to pico?.

All we need to create an account is your username. This username will be used for all of your service domains. For example, if your username is glossy, we will create the following domains on your behalf:

From now on when you SSH it'll bring you to our account management system:


Next Steps #

After you have created your pico account, we highly recommend creating an API token and keeping it someplace safe. This is how users can recover their account if they lose their SSH private key.

What service did you want to use first? Read the docs to get started with any of our services:

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