Access localhost using https

An ngrok alternative using just SSH.

NOTICE: This is a premium pico+ service

Features #

  • Managed sish service
  • A zero-install developer tool
  • Host publicly available web services on localhost
  • Host publicly available TCP services on localhost
  • Share your local webserver privately with another user

Using SSH tunnels, we can forward requests to your localhost from https, wss, and tcp.


Use cases #

Think of tuns as a developer tool. It is designed for the individual developer who is looking to prototype, demo, or otherwise deploy services without the overhead of managing a production environment with TLS, HTTP reverse proxy, and provisioning cloud infrastructure.

Our tuns service can be used as a developer tool wherever https is required. Need TLS in order to run something properly in a development environment? Use tuns to get automatic TLS.

Want to prototype a web service without fully deploying it in the cloud? You can go from starting a local web service to sharing it with the world using a single SSH command.

Hosting public web services from your home has never been easier with tuns.

Docs #

We manage a completely separate doc site for all things related to sish:

Example Usage #

1# if you have a local webserver on localhost:8000:
2ssh -R dev:80:localhost:8000 tuns.sh
3# now anyone can access it at https://dev.tuns.sh

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