Web Tunnels

Passwordless authentication for the web

What are Webtunnels?

By leveraging SSH tunnels, we can use pubkey cryptography to authenticate users on the web. No passwords, no JWTs, no bearer tokens, no complicated webauthn, and no passkeys. All we need is an SSH keypair.

SSH port forwarding, also known as SSH tunneling, is the process of transmitting data over an encrypted secure shell connection between a local and distant server. It allows users to access services that firewalls would otherwise restrict or prevent. In our case, it allows us to authenticate and authorize users using only their SSH keypair.

Ready for a demo? Run this command to access our pico web UI:

1ssh -L 1337:localhost:80 -N pico-ui@pgs.sh

What is this command? This command initiates an SSH local port forward which redirects traffic from a local port on the client machine to a specified port on a remote server via an SSH connection. In this case, it connects to our private site hosted on pgs.sh.

Don't worry if the above CLI command doesn't respond with anything, that means it worked.

Then open your browser:


Here is the source code for the tunkit library.